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How To Cook Noodles Without a Cooking Gas

Noodle brands are one of the first things that come to mind when my cooking gas finishes. This usually happens when I run out of cash for a period. But did you know it’s not just about gas? As a young person, you want to explore all possible means to survive schooling or “No cash” days. So please pay attention to how I cook noodles without using cooking gas.

What you’ll need to perform this magic

  • Uncooked Noodles
  • Egg, One, two, or as much as you want
  • Cooking Oil
  • Seasoning Powder
  • Electricity Supply Source
  • Electric Kettle or water heater
  • Cooking Pot or a bowl

Now that you have gotten everything ready, let’s practice the newest way to cook noodles without using cooking gas. Now take the electric kettle and add half of the usual amount of water u would normally use to cook noodles of that quantity. Connect the kettle to an electric socket then turn it on so it can boil the water. When the water is ready, pour the noodles into a clean pot then add a normal amount of seasoning powder, (some producers add the right amount of seasoning powder in the pack of the noodles.

If this is the case, tear one of the seasoning powder sachets and empty it in the pot, if you’re cooking two or more packs of noodles, add the next pack and pour the seasoning powder on it as you did the first one. After adding the seasoning cubes, you can add a little bit of pepper. NOTE: Do not use supplements like tomato concentrates as such supplements won’t get cooked as they should. Stick with, the noodles and the cooking oil these are all parboiled products that can easily get cooked in hot water. After you have added your seasoning powder, pour the hot water on it like this.

Cook Noodles Without a Cooking Gas

Now stir it until it becomes even, do this while the water is still very hot. After stirring the pot, close it and leave it for 10 minutes, then open the pot and add the cooking oil. After adding the oil, stare it again and close the pot, (Do not let the heat go out too much as this will make the water become cold. When you finish stirring the pot, leave it again for 3 minutes so that the oil will mix up with the noodles. When 3 minutes pass, open the pot, Your noodles are ready to serve, dish it out, and enjoy.

Things you can add to make the noodles more delicious
  • Mayonaise

Mayonnaise works great on noodles and eggs. To get the best taste, add a sachet of mayonnaise paste on the noodles after you have served it on plates, you can stir it to prevail over the noodles or you can add it just to small spots as you eat.

Scent leaves are the source of most curry powders and they smell delicious even without being cooked. According to, these leaves are very medicinal and have numerous health benefits. As the name implies, it also adds a pleasant scent to your food and the noodles are no exception for this master recipe seasoner. To add these scent leaves when cooking noodles, pluck the fresh leaves from the plant, cut them into small pieces, and pour them on the noodles like you’re pouring salt. Please note this is best done when the noodles are still in the pot or still very hot. When you notice that the noodle is ready, pour the scent leaves and close the pot again for 5 minutes, this will enable the scent level to do its magic on your noodles. I promise this will be more delicious than you think as long as you follow these steps.

Cooking The Eggs

In Nigeria, Up to 75% of people who eat eggs prefer it boiled. This means that boiled eggs go well with most delicacies. They are also rich in nutrients. If you decide that eggs should accompany your noodles down there, no problem, let me show you how we run that in style when there is no cooking gas. Boil a good amount of water in the electric kettle.

Make sure it is very hot, or let the kettle go off by itself if it supports the auto-off feature. When the water is hot, pour it out into a bowl that can be covered. Prepare the eggs and carefully place them in the hot water that you just boiled. Close the bowl tightly, (in a way that air does not go in or go out of the kettle). Leave it for 7 minutes then open the bowl and use a fork spoon to gently stir the eggs one after another.

Cooking the Eggs to make our noodle recipe more delicious

Close the bowl and leave it again for 3 minutes then open it. Now it should be ready, Take out the eggs one after another, this time put them in cold water and leave for about 10 minutes. Your eggs should be ready by now, wash your hands and pill the eggs. After pilling, use the eggs to decorate your “hot water” noodles. Bonne Appetite, enjoy.

Leave comments below telling us what your noodles taste like, I hope it is delicious.

The best things in life are free.
Truly, Does not apply to pizza.

Hungry you

Pictures of people enjoying tasty noodle recipes

The ingredients you’ll use to cook Noodles this way

1Cooking OilTasteWhen noodle is half ready
2Scent leavesAromaWhen the noodle is half ready
3OnionTaste/AromaAfter or before the noodle is served
4MayonnaiseTasteAfter noodle is served
5Seasoning powder/ cubesImprove tasteWhen the noodle is raw

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